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Shadrach Discipleship Youth Ministry – What Is It?

History of the Shadrach Youth Discipleship Ministry: In 1996, Rev. Reimar Schultze realized many youth were going to camp, receiving spiritual victory, yet losing it shortly thereafter. Then, the next year, they would return to camp to start over again. God laid it on Rev. Schultze’s heart to begin a ministry that would be a framework the youth could follow upward in the months between camps—a framework that would properly reflect the costs and joys of discipleship.

Shadrach Newsletter: For youth of any age, the Shadrach Newsletter contains short exhortations from seasoned saints of God, as well as reports and testimonies from other youth. The Shadrach youth are also given assignments in reading books such as Tortured for Christ or Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secrets Scripture memorization, and reminders to maintain their prayer, Bible reading, and servanthood habits. Shadrach Books List Shadrach Assignments list.

The newsletter is free the first year and $5.00 per year after that.

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As an added encouragement to all Shadrach Disciples, we will be sending you Pastor Schultze’s monthly epistle for adults and youth, the Call to Obedience. For over twenty-nine years, Pastor Schultze has been calling believers to whole-hearted surrender and commitment to Jesus as both Savior and Lord! The “Call to Obedience” is of no charge to you.

To take full advantage of Shadrach Youth Discipleship Ministry, we encourage you to become a participator, not just an observer! Doing the assignments in the newsletters will cause spiritual growth, which reading alone cannot produce. To begin, ask us for your first month’s assignments as a Shadrach Disciple. This can help you become more deeply rooted in the basic essentials of your spiritual walk. Contact us!

Shadrach Book List: As a requirement for participating in the Shadrach Youth Ministry in order to attend the year’s end retreat, the Shadrach disciple is to read and report on three books taken from our Shadrach Book List We have compiled a list of book covering three distinct areas of Christian discipleship: Practical Books (these books cover waiting for your companion, handling finances, modesty, child discipline, music, and family/home life), Deeper Walk Books (these books challenge youth to greater surrender and commitment to Jesus, learning God’s design and requirements for holy living), and Biographies/Autobiographies (stories of saints of God, past and present).

Shadrach Discipleship Manual: The Shadrach Manual is a more comprehensive guide to the principles of the ministry. Within three main categories—Dedication, Maturity, and Fruitfulness—are short articles covering such topics as: self-denial and obedience, fasting, music, modesty, waiting on God for your future companion, Bible reading and prayer, etc. These articles are not watered down for today’s culture but directly apply to the issues that youth face today. The cost of the Shadrach Manual is $15.00.

Shadrach Youth Retreat: Those active participants in Shadrach Youth Discipleship Ministry from age 14 to 23 will qualify for the Shadrach Retreat. It is a discipleship retreat. Those who attend need to be serious about walking with God. Their root-system will be deepened through workshops on topics such as: “Knowing the Will of God,” “Being a Woman/Man of God,” and “Sanctification.” There are practical seminars dealing with home life, work ethic, Bible study, and more. The retreat consists of a wholesome balance of spiritual training and recreation. New friendships will be made with other like-minded youth! Although the Retreat is a wonderful experience, some youth choose not to attend the Retreat but still take advantage of the Shadrach newsletters and reading material.

The requirements for the retreat are as follows:

What we believe about...

Music: Worshipful music that leaves your spirit in control of the mind and body (not vice versa)!

Dating: God has a special “one” He will get you to. The emphasis is on becoming the right person, having faith that, in His time, God will lead you to His best. This leaves no need to become emotionally entangled with other possibilities!

Dress: Dress to please Jesus, not man. Modesty for ladies is encouraged in hem lengths below the knee.

1. A serious commitment of the candidate to the principles of this manual for several months prior to the Retreat.

2. A consistent practice of daily prayer, Bible reading, an effort to witness, and a faithfulness in church attendance.

3. Attendance in a prayer meeting or have prayed with someone every week during these months.

4. No negative reports from your pastor, your youth counselor, or your parents.

5. No relationship with the opposite sex that is not pleasing to God, a relationship that is not directly leading toward marriage.

6. The age for participation at the Retreat is age 14 (by June 1st of that year) through age 23.

7. Finally, you must have handed in your required assignments given to you throughout the ongoing Shadrach Newsletters.

What Does It Cost? Following is a list of the expenditures one should expect when participating in the Shadrach Youth Ministry:

Shadrach Newsletter: free for the first year; $5.00 each year after to cover costs; this will also cover any cost of additions to the Shadrach Manual.

The cost of books for reading assignments usually runs $5 - $8 per book with three books a year. The Shadrach Book List (link) tells how to order these books.

Shadrach Manual - $15.00

The cost of the Retreat (optional) is approximately $150 per youth, plus your transportation expenses to and from the Retreat facility.

It is our desire, the Lord helping us, to encourage youth to live whole-heartedly for Jesus. We want to assist them in establishing the foundation upon which they will daily walk with God in joyful and consistent obedience.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

May God richly bless you as you begin this adventure of faith!

Don & Karin Litchfield, Administrators

Statement of Faith - Shadrach Youth Ministry

We believe: in the Eternal, Almighty God, Who has revealed Himself to mankind as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; that through Him all things were created; that the Bible is inspired of God and is to be regarded as the final authority in all matters of faith; that man, created in God’s image, fell from God’s favor at the beginning of time and is depraved, “deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked” (Jer. 17:9); that man can be saved by grace alone through the atoning blood of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit by confession of sins, repentance, faith, and the rebirth; that once man is born of God, he is called to discipleship, to follow Jesus through self-denial and obedience, always seeking the will of God; that joy unspeakable and full of glory belongs to those following Jesus, leading to the precious fruit of the Spirit and to all the wonderful things that God has prepared for them.t

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For more information on Shadrach Youth Ministry, or to receive our one page newsletter (free the first year),
Contact: Karin Litchfield, Administrator
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